Writing interactive stories

Do you want to create an interactive story, but don't know where to start with writing,
or how to evaluate you creative skills?
This is a book for you!

Select a package that suits your needs.
2 different options are available for any skill level!

Find your way

The easy way into creative writing for interactive storytelling. From a first draft to a complete blueprint of your future work! Clear instructions on every step.

Learn how interactive story development is different from linear story development and what elements you need to consider to get yor message to the target audience.

Easy for beginners

Suitable package

Learn as you go

This book gives you a set of instructions to apply to your project. Create a product that suits your creative needs.

About an author

Inga Pflaumer is an author of 9 internationally published books with over quarter of a million published copies. There is an animation series and a social network game based on characters created by her. She is a co-founder of - free online library of teen-fiction.

Inga studied Music Theory in college, Creative Writing and Journalism at university and now studies Computer science at RMIT. She worked as a project manager and project administrator on several online gaming, publishing and social networking projects.

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